Do you have any bad habits that you want to stop doing 

Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Thumb Sucking, Hair Twirling

 Hypnotherapy can overcome your habits and stop you doing the things that annoy you and in most cases, upset people. Doing something out of habit becomes natural to people and hard to stop doing by just using their will power alone. With the help of hypnotherapy, I can re-program your mind and give it alternative things to do to stop you continuing with your unwanted habit. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


OCD presents a considerable challenge and often formidable difficulty for the sufferer. It is hard for a non-sufferer to appreciate the amount of distress caused by the out-of-control behaviour. Often, concerned family members and friends are tempted to apply simple rationality - “why do they just not stop?” On occasion the sufferer's behaviour provokes even less empathic responses such as, “pull your socks up, snap out of it and pull yourself together”.

- Obsession is given as - 'a persistent or recurrent idea, usually tinged with emotion and frequently involving an urge towards some form of action, the whole mental situation being pathological.’

- Compulsion is interpreted as being - 'an irresistible inner force compelling the performance of an act without, or even against, the will of the individual performing it.’

For the sufferer who has accepted that OCB is having a devastating effect on their life the first step in their recovery programme, means seeking out and asking for help in order to become physically and psychologically more whole.

I can work with the sufferer and the sufferer's family to come up with a treatment plan change the behaviours in the mind. The client will need a few sessions to see some results as there is no quick treatment to this therapy.

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