Stephanie Terry - May 2019

I went to see James on the 4th of May.
I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to be hypnotised as I am quite a giggly character.
James was so professional I felt instantly at ease.
The room was very calming and was a brilliant relaxing experience.
In over just a week I have lost 4lb I now make better food choices and the desire to keep eating out of boredom has stopped. I am also no longer drawn to “naughty” treats!
Absolutely loving my new healthy way of living! I can’t wait to see how I get on in the next few weeks! 😌
Thanks James your amazing.


Darren Tunaley - August 2019

I was always sceptical about being hypnotized myself even though I'd seen it on stage with a shy friend so I knew it could be done.
I've wanted to stop smoking for so long but I just didn't have the willpower or strength. I started smoking again after vaping for almost 7 months I decided that I would go for it.
James was very professional and I thought I would burst out laughing once the treatment had started but I felt at ease and listened to what he had to say and immersed myself into it. the next thing I remember is waking up not really remembering the last few minutes of what James had said. however, it's been over 4 weeks since I touched my last cigarette and the funny thing is, I don't want one and even after a few beers down the local I still didn't get that urge.
if you are considering this then DO it honestly you don't understand how nice food actually tasted now. 

Thank you James, I reckon I've cracked it this time


Karen Meakin - June 2019

James made me feel relaxed after seeing him I started choosing healthier options and lost s little weight then I fell off the bandwagon as I had quite a few social events BUT i still tried to choose well but I did put weight back on......I’m back on it and in the last 4 weeks have lost 10lb I have my holiday in September and 2 weddings next year & thanks to James I’m sure I will be slimmer (especially by next year)


Jenny Wood - November 2018

I saw James a few days ago, and it was fantastic . He made me feel so relaxed and at ease. The hypnotherapy worked straight away . I am no longer snacking on poor choices and have reduced my portions of main meals. I would really recommend to anyone who is looking into this. I have already told everyone I have spoken to how amazing this is ! I have already started seeing results. Thanks again James


Michelle Coleman - May 2019

Wow, impressed isn’t a strong enough word.
Nearly 30 years of smoking, yet after only one session with James I’ve now been smoke free for nearly 5 weeks, I was even offered a cigarette a couple of weeks ago and I declined, without hesitation. I’ve already recommended James’s services to a few of my friends that have been very impressed with how he’s helped me.


Alex - Nottingham

I went to James at my wits' end as nothing I tried was helping to stop me from biting my nails, which I've done for years. One session with him and I can honestly say the compulsion to bite them has completely gone!! It was a very comfortable ambient atmosphere and I came out of the session feeling so relaxed and peaceful. I've recommended him to everyone I know, 


Fraser Cairns - Aug 2018

I had a therapy session from James to try and improve my fear of pigeons. I was a little unsure how successful this would be, however it has made such a brilliant difference. Being a worker in a busy city centre and getting the train to work, my fear of pigeons was constantly at the front of my mind. I can honestly say this is no longer the case. The session was very relaxed yet professional, and I was comfortable and at ease throughout. I have already recommended James' services to my family! 


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